2018 Complex Systems Summer School Proceedings


2018 Proceedings Book (collection of all student abstracts from summer school projects)
Note: below are the titles for all of the abstracts included in the 2018 Proceeedings Book. If there is a link, the group approved sharing their final paper on this page.


Analysis of Neural Networks Based on Global and Local Sampling of RNA Sequences

Sarah J. Berkemer, Kofi K. Khamit-Kush, Jacob P. Rutten, Alice C. Schwarze

Automated Opinion Detection Analysis of Online Conversations

Yuki M. Asano, Niccolo Pescetelli, Nam Le, Jonas Haslbeck

Characterizing Atrial Fibrillation Dynamics using Multiplex Visibility Graphs

Konstantinos N. Aronis, MD, Anastasiya Salova, Ariadna Venegas-Li, Andrea Santoro

Collective Information Processing in Human Rumor Spreading Networks:  An experimental Study of Rumor Content Fusion and Propagation

Aleksandra Aloric, Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Peter Krafft, Allison Morgan, Zohar Neu, Andrea Santoro

Decoding the Evolution of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals using Bayesian Inference

Snehalkumar ‘Neil’ S. Gaikwad 

Evolution of Water Narratives in Local US Newspapers: A Case Study of Utah and Georgia 

Thushara Gunda, Matthew D. Sweitzer, Kevin T. Comer, Conor Finn, Sandra Murillo-Sandoval, Jennifer Huff

Fluctuations in 1D Point Patterns link

Rosalba Garcia-Millan, George Cantwell, Konstantinos Aronis, Carlos Marcelo

The Impact of Technology Intervention on the Sustainable Development Goals

Magdalena M. Klemun, Sanna Ojanperä, Amy Schweikert

Industrial Economic and Spatial Clustering in Singapore

Shantal Lichang Cheong1, Ricky Laishram, Sanna Ojanpera, Alex Shannon, Xindi Wang

Investigating Phase Transitions in a Cardiac System through Informational Properties of Renewal Process Models link

Konstantinos N. Aronis, MD, Ariadna Venegas-Li, Anastasiya Salova, Andrea Santoro

Nighttime Light, Superlinear Growth, and Economic Inequalities at the Country Level

Ore Koren, Laura Mann

Mean First Saturation Time (MFST) and its Application to Refugee Movement

R. Marıa del Rıo-Chanona, Benjamin F. Maier, Guillaume St-Onge, George T. Cantwell

Modeling Wealth Inequality

Haripriya Chakraborty, Vandana R. Venkateswaran, Tom Pike, Duy Huynh, Eleonora Mavroeidi, Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Cesar Montalvo

Multi-scale Adaptive Systems: Structural Features and Qualitative Properties

Ada Diaconescu, Louisa Jane Di Felice, Patricia Mellodge, Josefine Bohr Brask

A Quantitative Approach to Contact Improvisation Dance

Sarah Holmes, Gianroco Lazzari, Patricia Mellodge, Alexandra Mikhailova, Vandana Revathi Venkateswaran, Ariadna Venegas-Li

Quantifying Transmission and Identifying Factors Associated with the Malaria Outbreak in Venezuela

Talia Quandelacy, Gianrocco Lazzari, Inga Holmdahl, and Cesar Montalvo

Scaling of Sensory Information Intake in Organisms

Elan Stopnitzky, Louisa Jane Di Felice

Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Smallpox Epidemics in the United States from 1915 to 1950

Nikunj Goel, Gianrocco Lazzari, Inga Holmdahl, Peter Geissert, Talia M. Quandelacy

A Study on Public Transport Mobility Flows in Singapore

Sarah J. Berkemer, Shantal Lichang Cheong, Jared Edgerton, Marina Kogan,  Ricky Laishram, Alan R. Pacheco, Alex Shannon, Matthew D. Sweitzer, Xindi Wang

Talking Loud Or Talking Often: How the Interplay Between Network Structure and Agent Influence Affects the Time to Reach Consensus in Collective Decision-Making

Cedric Perret, Guillaume St-Onge, Zohar Neu, Andrea Santoro

Thresholding Normally Distributed Data Creates Complex Networks

George Cantwell, Yanchen Liu, Benjamin Maier, Carlos A. Servan, Alice C. Schwarze, Jordan Snyder, Guillaume St-Onge

Translating from Nature to Technology: Framework to Compare Innovation Pathways in Biomimicry

Magdalena M. Klemun, Sarah Berkemer, Alexandra Mikhailova

Understanding Music with Higher Order Networks

Josefine Bohr Brask, Ricky Laishram, Carlos Marcelo, Xindi Wang