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Venue: The Bishop's Lodge, Santa Fe, NM

Summary: One can hardly read a newspaper, listen to a news broadcast, or open a web page without encountering the words "Big Data", often in gushing terms, and often accompanied by extreme claims. This symposium will explore the promise and the limitations of "Big Data" in science, technology, business, politics, and government. In particular, we will examine the importance of big data in light of the questions being asked and the theoretical context in which big data are analyzed and interpreted. 

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Business Network

Who Owns the Future?

October 31, 2013

AuthorsJaron Lanier

Welcome and The Manifest Destiny of Big Data

November 1, 2013

AuthorsChris Wood and Kenneth Cukier

From Genes to Stars: The Fourth Paradigm of Science

November 1, 2013

AuthorsAlexander Szalay

Big Data Need Big Algorithms

November 1, 2013

AuthorsCristopher Moore

Big Data, from Galileo to Gödel

November 1, 2013

AuthorsSimon DeDeo

Open Source & The Big Data Revolution

November 1, 2013

AuthorsDoug Cutting

Big Data Needs Big Theory; Paradigm 4.0 or Just 3.1?

November 1, 2013

AuthorsGeoffrey West

Big Data, Reciprocity & Global Development

November 2, 2013

AuthorsNathan Eagle

Augmented Intelligence: Designing a Human Interface to Big Data

November 2, 2013

AuthorsSean Gourley

Messy Data, Messy Theories

November 2, 2013

AuthorsGraham Spencer

Dangerous Duo: When Big Brother and Big Data Come Together

November 2, 2013

AuthorsJames Bamford

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