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Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time
Mirta Galesic and David Lazer

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

SFI CounterBalance will kick off its second year of programing with a session focusing on misinformation and belief, featuring academic presentations by Mirta Galesic and David Lazer.

CounterBalance is the Santa Fe Institute's applied seminar series on belief dynamics, focusing on issues such as cyberhate, misinformation, disinformation, and social polarization.

The intention of these meetings is two-fold. First, these seminars provide a clearinghouse for practitioners, policy makers, and scholarly researchers to share and discuss new insights. Second, these seminars provide an opportunity to contextualize these insights within the broader understanding of complexity science. 

These 90-minute seminars will take place virtually once per quarter. Each session will include two 15-minute presentations on recent academic work in the field, practitioner perspectives, and time for discussion among attendees.

All times below are MST
  9:00AM — Understanding Dynamics of Misinformation with Mirta Galesic
  9:15AM Q&A on Understanding Dynamics of Misinformation
  9:30AM — Emergent Patterns in the Curation of Civic Information in Social Media with David Lazer
  9:45AM Q&A on Emergent Patterns in the Curation of Civic Information in Social Media
  10:00AM Small Group Discussion
  10:15AM Closing Discussion
  10:30AM — Adjourn


SFI CounterBalance seminars are by invitation only. For more information about this series, please contact Interested members of SFI’s research community, Applied Complexity Network (ACtioN), or Complexity Circle can contact

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