Rachel Rose, Still from Enclosure, 2019, HD video, Courtesy of the artist, Gladstone Gallery, New York, Brussels, and Seoul, and Pilar Corrias Gallery, London.
SITE Santa Fe
Community Event
  US Mountain Time
Ted Chiang, Chris Kempes, David Krakauer, Manfred Laubichler, Rachel Rose, Geoffrey West, Elvia Wilk

Following a private working group of the same title, this public “Complex Self” panel will address central research themes of complexity science that find representation and expression across works in Rachel Rose’s Goodnight Moon, currently hanging at SITE Santa Fe.

For over 35 years the Santa Fe Institute has been examining complex phenomena hidden in plain sight – the convoluted exhibitions of the adaptive world — from cells to societies. An understanding of these systems is rooted in context and environment, as transactions and transformations take place within biological and cultural landscapes. By approaching elements of the mortal experience as conveyed visually throughout Rose’s artwork, this discussion will spring from a more comprehensive sense of individuality for living matter, which may illuminate the rich, interconnected, competing and collaborating processes related to:

  • the emergence of life,
  • its multifarious forms,
  • the dynamics of learning, and
  • the causes of death

for organisms, markets, and ideas.

Moderated by SFI President David Krakauer, this panel features exhibiting artist Rachel Rose, authors Ted Chiang and Elvia Wilk, and SFI Faculty Chris Kempes, Manfred Laubichler, and Geoffrey West.

Tickets can be reserved via SITE Santa Fe’s website.

While we are not streaming this event, a recording will be made available after the fact.

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