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Continuing from Previous summers in what were the Causality/Robustness Working group meetings of summer 2010, 2011 and 2012 at SFI, now renamed the Complex Social Science Galaxy Databases and Modeling Project (White, Eff, Dow, Oztan, Wright, Turchin, Amber and others) the team, with PI White, developed the new supercomputer Gateway for Complex Social Science (CoSSci). With SDSC and auxiliary computers (UCI,  UCI-OIT, soon to include SFI and U. Kent Canterbury), CoSSci houses the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, Ethnographic Atlas, Binford Foragers, and Jorgensen Western North America coded ethnographic databases. Others will include historical and archaeological datasets and auxiliary and textual data. The computer sites serve to apply R software to these data in ways that help to calculate models of robust, autocorrelational, causal and causal path, functional, ecological, climatic and temporal panel effects for coded samples of human societies. The purpose of this particular workshop (the 5th, one at MPI Leipzig) hosting the Lewis Binford forager database team was to finalize data for the 339-society Binford database, including codebooks, Rdata, testing the use of the online computation, creating teaching materials and sites, adding computed variables, and modeling of forager sociocultural/economic data in relation to ecology and climate. This database now joins the enhanced and fully documented Standard Cross-Cultural Sample and Ethnographic Atlas databases accessible through CoSSci Galaxy. Researchers, journal authors, and chapter authors for the Wiley Companion to Cross-Cultural Research now have full access to this research technology and the CoSSci databases. The project will host its first online 15-week course starting Sept 15, 2013.

SFI Host: 
Doug White

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