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The Complex Systems Summer School offers an intensive four week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the sciences and social sciences. The school is for participants who seek background and hands-on experience to help them prepare to conduct interdisciplinary research in areas related to complex systems.

The program consists of an intensive series of lectures, laboratories, and discussion sessions focusing on foundational ideas, tools, and current topics in complex systems research. These include nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation, scaling theory, information theory and computation theory, adaptation and evolution, network structure and dynamics, adaptive computation techniques, computer modeling tools and specific applications of these core topics to various disciplines. In addition, participants will formulate and carry out team projects related to topics covered in the program.

Five of the fifty total slots are available to Business Network members with tuition waived as a benefit of Network membership. Network members will be responsible for their own meals and housing. Additional slots may be available at regular tuition cost. The five no-tuition slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Names and contact information of potential participants should be submitted to the Business Network office by the BNet point of contact for the
member organization (to permit organizational coordination).  

Please email Casey Cox at to register (Business Network members should not register through the Education page).

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