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How do living systems encode reality?

Ph.D. students are invited to spend two weeks, among an international cohort of students and faculty, addressing key open questions and challenges in understanding intelligence and the nature of representation. A broad historical context will frame the inquiry within humanistic and quantitative perspectives. A key element of this school is to give the same weight to the origin or creation of representations and coding as is given to matters of inference.

The curriculum will combine lectures, workshops, reading groups, and formal and informal discussion. Bringing together perspectives from neuroscience, mathematics, computation, arts, and philosophy, among others, students and faculty will explore natural and artificial intelligences. Specific topics to be covered include: brain and cognition, definitions of intelligence, and knowledge systems. Workshops and group work will provide deeper experience with key questions and challenges and a range of approaches by which to address these. In addition to acquiring skills to use in their own research, students will grow their global scientific network and experience the research culture of the EU-UK.

This program is a partnership between the Santa Fe Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences and Hamburg University of Technology (Germany), Complexity Science Hub Vienna (Austria), Quantitative Life Sciences, International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy), and Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). In 2023, the program is generously hosted by the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

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