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Working Group
This event is by invitation only.

Meeting Description:  This Working Group is a follow-on to “Circumventing Turing’s Achilles Heel”, held at SFI on November 14-15, 2016.

The initial Working Group included participants from government (OSTP, NIST, NIC), private industry (Google, Microsoft, Intel), and academia (UNM, SFI).  The group explored the kind of novel strategies for enhanced security combining general- and special-purpose computation outlined above, in particular placing such strategies in the general context of state-of-the-art computer security approaches.

The goal of the follow-on Working Group “Cybersecurity and Turing’s Achilles Heel” is to move from general exploratory discussions to the formulation of specific plans for proof-of-principle and demonstration projects.  That more technical focus will require increased involvement of technical participants from the government, industry, and academic sectors (including those organizations represented in the initial Working Group), as well as those participants who very much wished to participate in the initial Working Group but could not due to schedule conflicts.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Chris Wood