image courtesy NASA/JPL
Architecture Biennale - City x Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion
Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time

This virtual event will examine what designing structures for outer space means for the role of the architect and policy maker. This discussion is co-presented with New School Policy and Design for Outer Space, and is a part of the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The forms and spaces of built environments on Earth are subject to more than just the whims of singular designers. Structures, landscapes, and cities result from an oft hidden conspiracy between laws and treaties, customs and professional responsibilities, the local ecology, and a host of other elements. It is the joint force of the interaction of those elements which produces the topological systems which bound and affect us in our day to day lives.

When creating such structures for outer space, architects and designers must consider and reconsider all of those contributory elements. The heightened danger of that harsh environment and, especially in the near future, the novelty of the territory obligates these professionals to stretch themselves in new and exciting ways. 

Join critic and theorist Fred Scharmen, urban planner Ethan Hudgins along with InterPlanetary alums Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian (architect and design theorist) and moderator Jake Harper (artist, and founder of Soot) for a discussion of these framing factors and their place in the process of building in and for space.

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