Collins Conference Room
  US Mountain Time
Byungnam Kahng (Seoul National University)

This event is private.

Abstract:  About two decades ago, the small-world and the scale-free network models were introduced. Since then, complex network research has still flourished. Along with the emergence of a new research field, a new research community forms and evolves. In this talk, I report the research of the spreading pattern of a research field in terms of the evolution of the coauthorship network behind it. Particularly, I show that the coauthorship network evolved from its initial transient period to a steady state through three major processes: the nucleation of small isolated components, the formation of a treelike giant component through cluster aggregation, and the entanglement of the network by large-scale loops. These evolutionary steps are similar to those in universal contagion processes of diseases, fashion and k-core percolation.

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Sid Redner