Architecture Biennale - City x Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion
Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time

Lunar Denizens is a series of investigations imagining the protocols, folklore, & artifacts shaping the mythos of a permanent lunar settlement. This InterPlanetary event is co-presented with New School Policy and Design for Outer Space along with Very Very Far Away, as part of the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The third and final session in the Lunar Denizens series departs from Mare Nectaris and focuses on themes of relationality. Parting may be such sweet sorrow, but in this case the denizens are also returning to their initial point of departure: Earth. How have they changed from their experience on the moon and what changes can they look forward to in the intervening time while they've been away? How can they reconnect with their home world, communicating and demonstrating their experience to and with others?

Our lunar visionaries for this third event are Charmian GriffinJoseph Popperjulijonas urbonas, and SFI's InterPlanetary Director Caitlin McShea, with facilitation by VVFA (Sitraka Rakotoniaina and Andrew Friend).

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