Collins Conference Room
Working Group

This event is by invitation only.

Meeting Summary: A common goal of macroecology and microecology is to understand the dynamic properties and relationships between organisms and their environment. However, these fields operate at different spatiotemporal scales, and differentially utilize experimental methods and theoretical approaches. As such, despite shared interests, there is little cross-talk between these two fields. What can be learned by integrating approaches from these fields to understand the ecology of the biosphere across scales? How are common themes described and how are similar questions addressed in these fields? Often discussed, but rarely implemented, how can these fields synergize in the coming years? To address these questions, this SFI Working Group will bring together thought leaders from each fields to engage in intensive, collaborative dialogue to push the frontiers of their respective fields. The outcome of this meeting will be a review paper outlining the need and potential advances of integrating macro and microecology fields. We will also plan for a future, larger gathering to follow-up on some of the most relevant synergies.  

This meeting is funded in part by the ASU-SFI Center for Biosocial Complex Systems.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Elhanan Borenstein, Britt Koskella, Andrew Hryckowian, Carolina Tropini