Collins Conference Room
  US Mountain Time

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Sanjay  Jain (University of Delhi; SFI External Professor)

Abstract.  What sets the scale of the size of bacterial cells and the scale of fluctuations of cell size of genetically identical bacteria in a fixed environment? The talk will discuss the possible origin of these two scales, as well the origin of a time scale — the doubling time of cells. Phenotypic variation in genetically identical cells is generally believed to be a consequence of environmental variations or stochasticity in gene expression due to the small number of molecules involved. Another source of phenotypic variation will be described — the first passage time for a molecular population to cross a fixed threshold in growing cells. In the context of a generic class of mathematical models of cells it will be shown how this time scale and its fluctuations set the average size of cells and the fluctuations of size.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Jennifer Dunne

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