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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

The Santa Fe Institute Risk Working Group is a new activity at SFI that seeks to leverage the deep understanding of complex systems across a wide variety of fields to understand the meaning of risk in a variety of contexts.  The group seeks to define the problem from a fundamental perspective, including to:

• Define risk in a variety of complex systems
• Collect and catalog observational risk data
• Identify common features
• Quantify: Metrics and statistics
• Model risk with numerical simulations
• Measuring predictive capacity?
• Mitigate risk: The decision process
• Manage risk: Strategies and approaches to controlling exposure
• Role of eScience: Web, crowd-sourcing, social networking
• Big data needs and constraints

Areas of application of the basic ideas will include (but are not limited to):

• Economics/Finance/Systemic Collapse (Eurozone?)
• Natural Catastrophes (Earthquakes, Hurricanes/Typhoons/Floods/Wildfire/Climate…)
• Entrepreneurial/Commercial/Management/Marketing (variety of ways)
• Political/Country Risk; State instability/fragility
• Technology/Internet (Operational and/or Security)/Software/Hardware
• Ecological/Biological/Environmental
• Societal Dynamics/Psychological
• Models/Phase Transitions/Simulations/Agent Based/Network
• Role of: Feedback Loops/Coherent Structures/Phase Locking
• Crosscurrents/Intersections/Cascades/Interactions

SFI Host: 
John Rundle