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Nitin Pai

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Abstract: A group of people can be so irreconcilably different that the minimum necessary cooperation is impossible. While diversity presents human societies with many benefits, there are levels at which the costs become significant and prohibitive. For instance, agreeing on a common restaurant for lunch becomes more and more difficult as diversity of the diners increases, even considering the potential for repeated interactions. Managing hyperdiversity has been a significant challenge for Indian society and public policy, and is likely to become an increasingly challenging problem for modern societies.

The talk will discuss the challenges of managing hyperdiversity with some illustrative examples from India and invite the participants to think about how liberal democratic societies might address them.


Nitin PaiNitin PaiCo-founder and Director, Takshashila Institution
SFI Host: 
Sanjay Jain

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