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Wendy Carlin (University College London)

Abstract.  Carlin directs the CORE project, a global collaboration of economists, educators, designers and others that has produced an introduction to economcis -- one that is novel in both content and pedagogy. Even while still in its beta testing stage CORE has displaced the standard economic introduction at UCL, Sciences Po and a number of other universities. The course teaches a new conceptual paradigm by means of a sustained engagement with four major issues: wealth creation and inovation in the capitalist economy, environmental challenges, inequalty, and financial instability. The course is online and entirely free (register at Using the interactive methods made possible by the digital nature of the information the course places the student as learner at the center of the process. CORE's new economics has a distinctly SFI accent, with contributions from Rajiv Sethi, Suresh Naidu, Alan Kirman, Simon De Deo. Sam Bowles, a founder of CORE, will comment on the relationship between CORE economics and a distinctly SFI approach to the economy. Juniper Lovato will comment on the common opportunities and challenges faced by CORE and SFI's digital education activities.

Research Collaboration
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Sam Bowles