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Venue: Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Summary: Technological change is a key component of economic growth. However, economists' treatment of this is typically at an aggregate level, in which technology is represented merely as a single number called the "total factor productivity". This workshop will bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to make first steps toward constructing a theory of technological change. The discussions will focus on understanding ecosystems of interacting technologies and the factors that cause them to evolve through time. Please join this foremost group of experts, economists, biologists, applied mathematicians, physicists, engineers, archaeologists, and anthropologists for a one-day event in Santa Fe.

The workshop is supported by the Santa Fe Institute, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Business Network


AuthorsJerry Sabloff, Jose Lobo

Technological evolution ≠ biological evolution

AuthorsW. Brian Arthur

Theory and empirics of technological improvement

AuthorsDoyne Farmer

Economic growth: what do we know and why don’t we know more?

AuthorsRicardo Hausmann

Complexity, evolution and economic growth: a survey and implications for policy

AuthorsEric Beinhocker

Plenary Discussion

Technological change as revealed through patented inventions -

AuthorsDeborah Strumsky

What have We Learned from Theories of Technological Change? Panel Discussion

AuthorsColin Harrison, Giovanni Dosi, Marcus Hamilton, Phil Auerswald

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