Thank you for your interest in the Santa Fe Institute. We post announcements to this employment web page only when we have an opening. Please peruse our web site, especially the staff page, for an idea of our size and the range of positions employed. For other questions about employment at SFI, please send e-mail to The Santa Fe Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We actively seek and encourage applications from minorities, women, and people with disabilities.


This position assists the Director of Finance and Accounting and directs the day-to-day operations of the Finance Office in maintaining the monthly, quarterly, and annual general ledger accounting records and generating non-profit financial management reports and financial statements.  


We will be accepting applications for this position through Friday, May 24, 2019

Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Astrobiology

The Santa Fe Institute – a private, not-for-profit theoretical research and education facility – is seeking applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship to develop a theoretical and computational framework for agnostic biosignatures to be used in a variety of astrobiological contexts. The research program seeks to assess the signs of life at the most general theoretical level, evaluate existing biosignatures and data from a broad team of researchers, and to propose novel biosignatures. The research will draw on a wide range of techniques spanning mathematical biology to machine learning.  

Translational Fellows

The Translational Fellows Program is an experiment. This new two-year program focuses on bridging the gap between the theoretical development of complexity science and its application. Translational Fellows will divide their time at SFI between three distinct activities. First, they will immerse themselves in the study of complexity science at the Institute. Second, they will collaborate closely with key decision makers drawn from SFI’s Applied Complexity Network and Board of Trustees to explore the potential for applied complexity science outside of academia. Finally, fellows will lead a project whose outcome is the demonstrable adoption of complexity insights by the Institute's partners or constituents. The Translational Fellows Program is ideal for those wishing to become leaders in applied complexity science outside of the traditional academic environment.

Head of Education

The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) seeks a scientist and educator to lead all components of our education program, both in-person and on-line. This includes maintaining the excellence of SFI’s core in-person Education Activities: Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS), the Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science (GWCSS), our Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, and Complexity Explorer.

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