Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence Still Can't Form Concepts

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Noema Magazine: AI Is Life

Written by SFI External Faculty Sara Walker.

New Scientist Weekly Podcast: 3D-printing inside living organisms; what ChatGPT means for human intelligence; why insects fly towards light; carbon storage in the oceans

Featuring SFI External Professor Melanie Mitchell.

The Osterholm Update: Trial supports broad-spectrum antibiotic prevention for pancreatic surgery

Quoting SFI External Professor Brandon Ogbunu.

New Scientist: How smart is ChatGPT really - and how do we judge intelligence in AIs?

Interview with SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Nature: COVID-19 amplified racial disparities in the US criminal legal system

Cowritten by SFI External Professor Brandon Ogbunu.

Chemistry World: The messy chemistry that led to life

Quoting SFI External Faculty D. Eric Smith.

Chemistry World: The messy chemistry that led to life

Conversation with SFI Faculty David Wolpert

The American Prospect: Is Economics Self-Correcting?

Quoting SFI Faculty Sam Boules.

Scientific American: Life Evolves. Can Attempts to Create ‘Artificial Life’ Evolve, Too?

Referencing SFI Professor Chris Kempes.

Nerdwallet: My Path to Generational Wealth: ‘Continuously Diversifying’

Mentions studies from SFI.

The New York Times: What Makes A.I. Chatbots Go Wrong?

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Gizmodo: How a Senator’s Misguided Tweet Can Help Us Understand AI

Featuring tweet from SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

The Investor's Podcast: Richer, Wiser, Happier, Q1 2023 W/ William Green & Stig Brodersen

Highlighting SFI Life Trustee and Chairman Emeritus Bill Miller's time at SFI.

Tech Post and Science: Doing the math on a solar-powered future

Showcasing a new mathetmatical model by SFI Professor Sid Redner.

Nature: How will AI change mathematics? Rise of chatbots highlights discussion

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Vox: Silicon Valley’s AI frenzy isn’t just another crypto craze

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

The Tim Ferris Show: Michael Mauboussin — How Great Investors Make Decisions, Harnessing The Wisdom (vs. Madness) of Crowds, Lessons from Race Horses, and More

Interview with SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin Remapping the superhighways traveled by the first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent

Quoting SFI Fellow Stefani Crabtree.

London Review of Books: I was there to inflict death: Cormac McCarthy’s Powers

Referencing the Santa Fe Institute in a review of SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy's latest novels.