Santa Fe Reporter: Digital Picks: Computational Biases

Featuring a talk by SFI Professor Cris Moore and External Professor Melanie Moses.

El Mundo: Doubts over AstraZeneca vaccine's effectiveness

Quoting a WHO report co-authored by SFI External Professor Santiago Elena.

IFL Science: Women In Academia Disadvantaged By Unequal Division Of Parental Labor And Leave, Study Finds

Featuring research by Allison Way, SFI External Professor Aaron Clauset, SFI Professor Mirta Galesic, former Omidyar Fellow Dan Larremore, and their co-authors.

Bloomberg: Personal Touch Lost By Travel Bans Is Costing Businesses Dearly

Quoting SFI External Professor and Science Board member Ricardo Hausmann.

The Conversation: What's behind $15,000 electricity bills in Texas?

Op-ed by SFI External Professor Seth Blumsack.

Ars Technica: Scientists create new class of “Turing patterns” in colonies of E. coli

Featuring research by SFI External Professor Ricard Solé and co-author Salva Duran-Nebreda.

Today Show: What is implicit bias? 2 experts on how to spot it

Interviewing SFI External Professor Mahzarin Banaji.

AgWeek: Food's global future after the pandemic

Quoting SFI External Professor and Science Board co-chair Daniel Schrag.

The Hill: Electric vehicles poised to aid Biden in climate fight

Quoting SFI External Professor Jessika Trancik.

InfoLibre: Británica, sudafricana o brasileña: cuántas variables del coronavirus hay y qué significa que el virus mute

Interviewing SFI External Professor Santiago Elena.

Newsweek: U.S. COVID Cases are Down, but the Virus Isn't in Retreat

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

The New Yorker: Who should stop unethical A.I.?

Quoting SFI External Professor Michael Kearns.

Inc.: Getting Beyond the Minimum Wage Debate

Quoting SFI External Professor Suresh Naidu.

USA Today: GameStop frenzy showed a fresh contempt for hedge funds. Why do Americans hate them?

Quoting SFI External Professor Andrew Lo.

Wired: As More Women Enter Science, It’s Time to Redefine Mentorship

Featuring SFI External Professor Danielle Bassett.

Business Insider: Stanford economist says the US needs a 'New New Deal'. Here's his plan for getting people back to work and spending on business.

Featuring SFI External Professor Matthew Jackson.

McGill building21: Radical Futures podcast: Meet David Krakauer

Featuring a presentation by David Krakauer, SFI President and William H. Miller Professor of Complex Systems.

National Review: The Subtle Wisdom of Tesla's Bitcoin Purchases

Citing work by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur.

Los Angeles Times: Teachers face pressure to return even before COVID-19 vaccinations completed

Quoting SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.

Outliers with Daniel Scrivner: Laurence Gonzales: The Chemistry of Fire

Interviewing SFI Miller Scholar alum Laurence Gonzales on the subject of his new book, The Chemistry of Fire.