The Economic Times: The degree of change businesses face by moving to net zero is comparable to the Industrial Revolution: Eric Beinhocker, Oxford University

Q&A with SFI External Professor Eric Beinhocker.

Yahoo!: ICAIF’21 Showcases How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Finance

Highlighting a keynote lecture by SFI External Professor Robert Axtell.

Discover: Will Climate Change Force Humans to Relocate?

Quoting SFI External Professor Marten Scheffer and citing his study co-authored with members of an SFI working group on the human climate niche. 

The New York Times: Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin

Quoting Albert Kao, SFI Omidyar Fellow and Baird Scholar.

NPR: The Indy Autonomous Challenge features racecars without anyone in the driver's seat

Interviewing Melanie Mitchell, SFI Davis Professor of Complexity.

Bloomberg: Baystate Business podcast: WooSox Success and Red Sox Preview

Interviewing SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

The Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Herd Immunity Proves Elusive in U.K.

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Santa Fe Reporter: Listen Up

Highlighting the latest episode of SFI's Complexity podcast, with guest W. Brian Arthur, an economist and SFI External Professor.

The Wall Street Journal: Why Social Media Is So Good At Polarizing Us

Citing research by Vicky Chuqiao Yang, SFI Omidyar Fellow and Peters Hurst Scholar.

The Hindu: Over-simplified models, complex social systems

Referencing SFI's founding meeting, convened with SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur and SFI co-founders Kenneth Arrow, Philip Andrson, and Murray Gell-Mann.

Project Syndicate/Gulf Times: The supply-chain debacle that was coming

Referencing SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur and his iconic El Farol Bar Problem.

Axios: New ideas are struggling to emerge from the sea of science

Featuring research by SFI External Professor James Evans and his co-author.

The Irish Times: Stocktake: Married, middle-aged male investors more likely to ‘freak out’

Featuring research co-authored by SFI External Professor Andrew Lo. 

Quanta: A New Link to an Old Model Could Crack the Mystery of Deep Learning

Citing a 2018 paper by (then) SFI Complexity Postdoctoral Fellows Artemy Kolchinsky, Brendan Tracey, and their collaborators. 

The New Yorker: Is It Time for a New Economics Curriculum?

Quoting SFI Professor Sam Bowles, SFI External Professor Wendy Carlin, and featuring their CORE econ curriculum, co-created with. SFI's Rajiv Sethi, Simon DeDeo, Suresh Naidu, and other collaborators.

The Boston Globe/MSN: Vulnerable Machines Could Be Smarter Ones

Quoting and citing SFI Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell.

Scientific American: Why the Physics Nobel Honored Climate Science and Complex Systems

Quoting SFI External Professor Dan Stein and citing research by SFI co-founder (and Nobel laureate) Phil Anderson.

Physics Today: Nobel Prize in Physics honors research on climate, glass, and other complex systems

Citing SFI co-founder and Nobel laureate Philip Anderson.

Forbes: Startups, Org Design And Culture: Periodic Revisions And A Constant Evolution

Citing research by SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor Geoffrey West.

Santa Fe New Mexican: New 'Santa Fe' magazine hits newsstands this week

Mentioning the Santa Fe Institute, to be featured in an the inaugural issue of the 'Santa Fe' magazine.