Forbes: Doubting The AI Mystics: Dramatic Predictions About AI Obscure Its Concrete Benefits

Reviewing Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell's new book Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans.

Will Machine Learning Algorithms Erase the Progress of the Fair Housing Act?

Featuring the SFI-UNM Algorithmic Justice Working Group's formal response to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

OneZero: Can a Computer Ever Learn to Talk?

Op-ed by Davis Professor Melanie Mitchell on Open A.I.

Mental Floss: Best Place to Park at the Mall, According to Science

Featuring research by Professor Sid Redner and Paul Krapivsky (Boston University) in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics.

Washington Post: Why the Republicans have made an anonymous whistleblower the center of their impeachment defense

Quoting External Professor Allison Stanger and citing her new book Whistleblowers: Honesty in America from Washington to Trump.

Santa Fe Reporter: Don't Believe the Hype

Featuring insights from Science Board co-chair Melanie Mitchell's community lecture.

SF New Mexican Radio Cafe: How intelligent is artificial intelligence, anyway?

Interviewing Science Board co-chair Melanie Mitchell on the subject of her new book Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans.

Albuquerque Journal: Your latest guide to a Santa Fe bucket list

Mentioning SFI's long-running community lecture series.

CBC Radio: As electric vehicles age, here's how the batteries are finding a second life

Quoting External Professor Jessika Trancik.

BBC: The Law That Explains Why You Can't Get Anything Done

Highlighting research by External Professor Stefan Thurner and colleagues.

The New Yorker: The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas

An essay by External Professor Dan Rockmore.

Haaretz: Did We Sicken Neanderthals to Death?

Featuring research by SFI Science Board member Marcus Feldman and colleagues.

The New Yorker: Briefly Noted

Reviewing Science Board co-chair's Melanie Mitchell's new book Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans.

Chicago Tribune: If you’re worried artificial intelligence is coming for you, read Melanie Mitchell’s new book

Reviewing Science Board co-chair Melanie Mitchell's new book Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans.

Los Angeles Times: Cities, states and companies vow to meet U.S. climate goals without Trump. Can they?

With commentary by External Professor Jessika Trancik.

Marketplace: The challenges around creating an “ethical algorithm”

Featuring an interview with SFI External Professor Michael Kearns about his new book, "The Ethical Algorithm." 

Scientific American: Is Inequality Inevitable?

Citing research by Professor Sidney Redner and colleagues.

New York Times: We Shouldn't be Scared by 'Superintelligent A.I.'

Op-ed by Science Board co-chair Melanie Mitchell, challenging the notion of a "pure" A.I. superintelligence.

GeekWire: Scientists track the arms race that’s playing out between bacteria in your gut

Featuring research by External Professor Elhanan Borenstein, published in the journal Nature.

Christian Science Monitor: Surviving the first 'deepfake' election

Quoting External Professor Michael Kearns.