Beyond Borders: David Krakauer on fractal organizations and fractal faculty

A BEYOND BORDERS column by David Krakauer, President of the Santa Fe Institute.

By all accounts Plato was a zealot for geometry. In The Republic he wrote: “We must order in the strongest possible terms that the men of your Ideal City shall in no way neglect geometry.” The source of Plato's advocacy relates to his use of geometry — in particular ideas bearing on the indivisibility of lines — as a metaphor for the parts and the whole that define Being. . . . 

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Postdocs regroup for second ‘Pandemic Pod’

Now that cases in New Mexico are declining and the vaccination campaign is in swing, the SFI postdoctoral fellows are regrouping for a second Pandemic Pod, from April 16 –  23. Like its predecessor, this second Pod involves strict testing and quarantine measures.

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Study: Insights from two reopened schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the 2020-2021 fall semester, school districts around the United States navigated their reopening plans with little data on how SARS-CoV-2 spreads among children or how in-person learning would impact transmission in the schools’ communities. A new study in The Journal of School Health joins a growing body of evidence that, with appropriate measures, there are ways for schools to safely reopen.

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