Timothy A. Kohler, SFI External Professor and Regents Professor at Washington State University, has been awarded the SAA’s Excellence in Archaeological Analysis Award for his pioneering and sustained contributions to understanding Puebloan ecodynamics using simulation, his worldwide reputation for developing agent-based models of archaeological and related data, his important contributions to understanding Puebloan demography through accumulations research, and most recently through his identification of a late but significant Neolithic Demographic Transition in the US Southwest, and finally, for his leadership in developing PhD training that emphasizes evolutionary modeling.

Results of Tim’s research are published in a broad venue and are cited widely, but he has also
worked to translate his research to the general public and to the greater scientific community. Tim is a worthy recipient of this award for his life-long commitment to modeling human ecodynamics in prehistory and for his work in developing agent-based modeling as a tool for archaeologists.