A June SFI Business Network topical meeting in Austin on innovation drew 100 artists, musicians, business executives, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and reporters, according to an article in Silicon Hills (Austin/San Antonio).

SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur and former SFI Chair of the Faculty Doug Erwin spoke at the meeting, which explored innovation in both natural and technological systems.

SFI Trustee Ross Buhrdorf, who hosted the meeting at HomeAway, Inc., where he is the Chief Technology Officer, said he thought Austin’s creative class could benefit from interaction with the Institute and its professors.

“I have a passion about innovation and about science,” Buhrdorf said. “And I love the institute because they have this concept of multivariate models and cross discipline interactions. I think it’s perfect for Austin, Texas because we have this creative class that these young guys know here.”

Read the article in Silicon Hills (June 25, 2013)

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