SFI External Professor Constantino Tsallis. (image: photo courtesy of Constantino Tsallis)

SFI External Faculty Fellow Constantino Tsallis has been elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. The EASA is a non-governmental association “dedicated to innovative research, interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration, as well as the exchange and dissemination of knowledge,” and includes, among its members, 38 Nobel laureates in all areas.

Tsallis’ namesake theory of non-additive entropy, and his pioneering proposal of nonextensive statistical mechanics — a generalization of the celebrated Boltzmann-Gibbs theory — has been utilized to further our understanding of the forces that shape our universe — from black holes and solar wind, to the folding of proteins and the shifting of liquids into gases. His contributions have received more than 44,000 citations, a testament to the applicability of his framework to the understanding of natural, artificial and social complex systems.

“I feel very honored," says Tsallis, "and I consider particularly interesting the fact that sciences and arts live together in this Academy.”