The Tennis Court Oath (June 20, 1789), by Couder

SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo (Carnegie Mellon) and co-authors are recipients of the 2018 Cozzarelli Prize, awarded by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, for their paper “Individuals, institutions, and innovation in the debates of the French Revolution.” 

Each year, The Cozzarelli Prize recognizes six papers published within PNAS. The papers are selected by the journal’s editors for their “outstanding scientific quality and originality.”

DeDeo and colleagues’ study, published April 17, 2018, used machine learning techniques to parse transcripts and assess speech patterns during the French Revolution as a makeshift assembly emerged to form a new government. The analysis of these speeches reveals how new ideas emerged and took root — or floundered. 

The team includes DeDeo, Rebecca Spang and Alexander Barron of Indiana University, and former SFI REU Jennifer Huang, also of Indiana University. They will be recognized during the PNAS Editorial Board Meeting on April 28. 

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