Information Geometry (Springer 2017) by SFI Professor Nihat Ay, External Professor Jürgen Jost (Max Planck Institute), Hông Vân Lê (Czech Academy of Sciences), and Lorenz Schwachhöfer (TU Dortmund Uni-versity) will become the standard reference for the eponymous branch of mathematics. The book provides a comprehensive introduction and a novel mathematical foundation for the field of information geometry, with complete proofs, background material, and application highlights. Written for scientists who are interested in the mathematical founda-tions of complex systems, the text will also appeal to statisticians and mathematicians who are interested in geometry, information theory, or the foundations of statistics.

Foundations of Infometrics book coverFoundations of Info-Metrics: Modeling, Inference, and Imperfect Information (Oxford University Press 2017) by SFI External Professor Amos Golan (American University) offers an overview of info-metrics: modeling, reasoning, and inference in conditions of noisy and incomplete information. We often don’t have all the information we need to make a decision, so we find solutions derived from the information available and a choice of inferential procedure. Golan’s book lays out a number of real- world, multidisciplinary case studies where a simple, general framework of info-metrics helps optimize predictions and decision-making.

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