Hyejin Youn

In New Mexico Magazine, Mary-Charlotte Domandi, host of the Santa Fe Radio Café, extolls Santa Fe as an “intellectual mecca,” with SFI as its brain.  

Domandi's article recounts her quest for inquiry that led her to the New Mexico desert and eventually resulted in her beloved public radio show. "For a city of 80,000," she writes, "the intellectual offerings of Santa Fe are almost overwhelming.”

She describes SFI’s unique approach to science and its public lecture series, along with other stalwart institutions in the Santa Fe community that contribute to the city’s intellectual vitality. 

Having interviewed a variety of guests on a mélange of topics, Domandi notes that SFI scientists “are amazing on the radio” in part due to their abilities to “speak and think and work across disciplines.”

Read the article in the online version of New Mexico Magazine (October, 2014)

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