Program Postdoctoral Fellow

Gizem finds collective behavior in society interesting, especially collective decisions and actions of humans, such as in social movements and conflicts. The ease of spreading information over the Internet and the widespread use of smartphones open an intriguing research venue for scholars, allowing them to investigate thoughts, decisions, and emotions of people expressed through their social media postings and activities. She has worked on understanding social movements, as reflected in social media, leading to protests. Her recent study is focused on the spread of anger in social media channels, more specifically Twitter.

At SFI, she is working with Mirta Galesic on investigating opinion dynamics and emotional contagion in online networks. Gizem’s research interests lie in the area of Computational Social Science with the agent-based modeling, natural language processing, and system dynamics approach. She recently received her Ph.D. in Software and Information Systems from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.