Postdoctoral fellows support ongoing research at the Santa Fe Institute

In addition to offering institutional postdoctoral complexity fellowships, the Santa Fe Institute presents exciting opportunities for program postdoctoral fellowships in complexity science. These fellowships are funded through a variety of government agency and foundation sources; current funders for program postdoctoral fellowships at SFI include the National Science Foundation, NASA and the US Department of Agriculture. 

Program Postdoctoral Fellowships are typically one to three years in length. Selected for their multidisciplinary backgrounds, Program Fellows collaborate with faculty members who have obtained grant funding that includes a postdoctoral position; research focuses on the specific objectives and goals outlined in the grant(s) providing funding. Current projects reflect SFI’s overall mission to understand and unify the underlying, shared patterns in complex physical, biological, social, cultural, and technological worlds; the research foci are broadly transdisciplinary in scope. Current fellows have disciplinary backgrounds in a broad range of fields including software and information systems, statistical physics, informatics, mathematics, cognitive science, electrical engineering, economics and sociology.

Open Program Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are posted on the SFI website; each posting contains application instructions.

Past SFI Program Postdoctoral Fellows

Clio Andris

Gizem Bacaksizlar

Deepak Bhat

Eric Bonabeau

Fabio Caccioli

George Cantwell

Juan Camilo Cárdenas

Xingzhi Cheng

Jung-Kyoo Choi

Stanca Ciupe

Nathan Collins

Maell Cullen

Jonas Dalege

Bryan Daniels

Caterina De Bacco

Vincent Detours

Jessica Flack

Stephanie Forrest

Simon Fraser

Tyler Frazier

Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi

Justin Grana

Natalie Grefenstette

Valerie Gremillion

Marcus Hamilton

Jing Han

Laurent Hebert-Dufresne

Tim Hely

Wim Hordijk

Chen Hou

Peter Hraber

Martijn Huynen

Terry Jones

Tom Kepler

Willemien Kets

Artemy Kolchinsky

Bette Korber

Alessio Lapolla

Eddie Lee

Bennett Levitan

Fabrizio Lillo

William Macready

Tyler Millhouse

Cristopher Moore

Arseny Moskvichev

Béla Nagy

Ludo Pagie

Ole Peters

Cody Ross

Yuzuru Sato

Van Savage

Markus Schläpfer

Cosma Shalizi

Hajime Shimao

Spyros Skouras

George Starostin

Bence Tóth

Brendan Tracey

Tamara van der Does

Erik Van Nimwegen

Dowman Varn

Andreas Wagner

Colleen Webb

Hyejin Youn

Karina Yusim

Pan Zhang