Malakar, K; Jemseena, V; Kundu, A; Kumar, KV; Sabhapandit, S; Majumdar, SN; Redner, S; Dhar, A

We investigate the motion of a run-and-tumble particle (RTP) in one dimension. We find the exact probability distribution of the particle with and without diffusion on the infinite line, as well as in a finite interval. In the infinite domain, this probability distribution approaches a Gaussian form in the long-time limit, as in the case of a regular Brownian particle. At intermediate times, this distribution exhibits unexpected multi-modal forms. In a finite domain, the probability distribution reaches a steady-state form with peaks at the boundaries, in contrast to a Brownian particle. We also study the relaxation to the steady-state analytically. Finally we compute the survival probability of the RTP in a semi-infinite domain with an absorbing boundary condition at the origin. In the finite interval, we compute the exit probability and the associated exit times. We provide numerical verification of our analytical results.