Chaves—O’Flynn, Gabriel D. and D. L. Stein

We study noise-induced creation and annihilation of magnetic droplet solitons in experimental parameter regions in which they are linearly stable against drift. Exploiting the rotational symmetry of the problem, we transform to the reference frame rotating with the droplet soliton and introduce an effective potential energy that accounts for the work done against spin transfer torque to rotate the magnetization between two different orientations. We use this function to compute the activation barrier in both directions between the uniform magnetization state and the droplet soliton state for a variety of nanocontact radii and currents. We investigate droplet soliton structures with both zero and nonzero spin-torque asymmetry parameters. Our approach can be applied to estimate activation barriers for dynamical systems where nongradient terms can be absorbed by changes of reference frames, and suggests a technique applicable to extended systems that may not be uniformly magnetized.