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Chimpanzee fig selection sheds light on primate motor skills evolution

In a new study published in the Royal Society's Interface Focus, Justin Yeakel and colleagues explore the role fruit selection may have had on the evolution of primate motor skills.

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Accounting for politics in green energy transitions

A new computational model by SFI Omidyar Fellow Marion Dumas and colleagues forecasts 50-year carbon emissions under differing political scenarios.

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In first 72 Hours of Science, SFI postdocs test the limits of transdisciplinary science

In a test of the limits of scientific collaboration, 15 postdocs holed up in a home in the New Mexico foothills recently for three days and nights of intense scientific research. Their goal: produce a novel research paper in just 72 ...

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Paper: Novelty's not the sole source of invention

EPJ Data Science

The economic impact of a new invention depends on its novelty and its conventionality, according to new research by SFI's Hyejin Youn and co-authors.

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Human psychology and why we can't seem to get our heads around climate change


A new article co-authored by a number of SFI-affiliated researchers explores the psychological barriers that drive our distinct lack of “foresight intelligence” regarding climate change and our failure to take mitigating steps.

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Systemic risk tax could diminish cascading failures in interbank lending

Quantitative Finance

 In Quantitative Finance, SFI External Professor Stefan Thurner and colleagues suggest that a tax on interbank loans scaled to the risk each transaction adds to the system would more effectively limit financial systemic risk than proposed "one size fits all" risk taxes.

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What can we learn from the farming insects?

Humans aren't the only species that farms; leafcutter ants, termites, and some beetles grow their own food. A working group met recently at SFI to explore the evolution of agriculture in insects and humans.

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SFI to participate in unprecedented evolutionary research project

A collaboration of international researchers, including four SFI scientists, has been awarded $8 million to extend our understanding of evolution.

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In memoriam: Harold Morowitz

Harold Morowitz, a leading figure in shaping the scientific and popular understanding of the chemical origins of life on Earth, passed away March 22 in Fairfax, Va.

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Hybrid vaccination protocol could cut whooping cough cases by 95 percent

JAMA Pediatrics

Whooping cough is on the rise in the US, and the adoption of a new vaccine in the 1990s is part of the explanation. Two former SFI Omidyar Fellows propose a hybrid vaccination protocol they say could slash cases by 95 percent.

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Register now for SFI's new short course: Exploring Complexity in Health and Medicine

The Santa Fe Institute is accepting registrations for its newest short course, Exploring Complexity in Health and Medicine, October 12-14 in Santa Fe.

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