2016 Complex Systems Summer School Proceedings


2016 CSSS Proceedings Book (abstracts)

Anne Sallaska, Daniel Biro, Salva Duran, and Marla Stuart - Co-evolution of strategic decision making: DOTA 2 as a proxy for cybersecurity environments

Lindsay Todman, Fabio Correa - Evaluation Of Preliminary Models Of Swidden Agriculture In The Toledo District Of Belize 

Frank Marrs, Mika J. Straka, and Nicole M. Beckage - Human Path Finding in a Semantic Word Game

James R. Thompson, Charlotte James, Ryan McGee, Harrison B. Smith, Aina O. Vila, and Mika Straka - Inferring Network Structure: the New York Power Grid 

Jesus Mario Serna, Mark McCann, Andrew Christian, Danilo Liuzzi, Gaetano Dato, Justin Williams, Lorraine Sugar, Sina Tafazoli - Interdisciplinary Analysis for Human Group Dynamics 

Simon Carrignon, Aina Ollé-Vila, Salva Duran-Nebreda, and Julia N. Adams -  Modeling the Coevolutionary Dynamics in the Lobaria pulmonaria Lichen Symbiosis

Ulya Bayram1, Ruichen Sun, and William Lee - Modeling Stopover Sites of Migratory Birds’ Routes for Conservation of Population and Prevention of Disease 

Donovan Platt, Syed Arefinul Haque, Nai Seng Wong, William Leibzon, Xiongrui Xu, Rudi Minxha, and Lu Liu Simple Agent-Based Model of the Development of Trust in Hierarchical Organizations

Lorraine Sugar, Ellen D. Badgley, Devrim Ikizler and Lu Liu - Urban Scaling and Economic Analysis of Materials Stocked in Japanese Cities


Christopher Revell and Marius SomveilleA Physics-Inspired Mechanistic Model of Migratory Movement Patterns in Birds

Lauren C. Ponisio, Marilia P. Gaiarsa and Claire KremenOpportunistic attachment assembles plant–pollinator networks