SFI Alumni Community


From its founding in 1984, the Santa Fe Institute has played a central role in training the next generation of complexity thinkers. From undergraduate students to postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty, many participants in our training and education programs describe their time at SFI as transformative, and go on to make critical advances in research, education, policy, and society

If you are an alumna/us/x of one of the Santa Fe Institute in-person programs listed below and would like to receive SFI alumni news, please send an email to alumni@santafe.edu including (1) your name, (2) current position, (3) current affiliation, and (4) program and year you attended.



Postdoctoral Fellows

SFI Postdoctoral Fellows are selected from around the world and across a broad range of research interests. At the Institute, Fellows exercise an exceptional degree of independence and adventurous rigor to pursue new research questions and expand their international research network. Read more here.

Undergraduate Complexity Research

The SFI Undergraduate Complexity Research (UCR) program invites a select group of undergraduate students to join SFI for an unparalleled summer research experience. Students conceive and carry out innovative projects in collaboration with an SFI mentor researcher. Read more here.

Complex Systems Summer School

For over 30 years, the Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) offers an intensive introduction to complexity in mathematical, physical, biological, and social systems. The Summer School attracts graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals who often become long-term colleagues and collaborators. Read more here.

Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science

SFI’s Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science (GWCSS) equips graduate students in the social sciences with the skills and experience to advance their research using computational models. Participants receive individualized mentorship and build a professional scholarly network. Read more here.

Global Sustainability Summer School

The Global Sustainability Summer School (GSSS) introduce cities as complex systems and investigate their pivotal roles in sustainability. Participants come from a diversity of sectors and perspectives to engage with the latest advances in urban science and technology. Read more here.

Short Courses

SFI's Short Courses investigate a specific principle or application of complexity science over a one- to three-day session. Past Short Courses have ranged from medicine and healthcare to innovation and invention. Read more here.

If you have questions about the alumni community or events please feel free to contact us at alumni@santafe.edu.