2023 SFI UCRs with Resident Advisor Cate Heine (left) - photo by Douglas Merriam
Abeera's portrait

Syeda Abeera Amir

Minerva University (US)

Mentors: Maell Cullen, Chris Kempes


Andrew's portrait

Andrew Geyko

University of New Mexico (US)

Mentors: Melanie Mitchell, Arseny Moskvichev


Nathan's portrait

Nathan Hasegawa

Harvey Mudd College (US)

Mentors: James Holehouse, Sid Redner


Shloka's portrait

Shloka Janapaty

Columbia University (US)

Mentors: Mingzhen Lu, Chris Kempes


Carina's portrait

Carina Kane

University of Chicago (US)

Mentors: David Krakauer, Simon DeDeo, Maell Cullen


Ky-Vinh's portrait

Ky-Vinh Mai

University of California, Irvine (US)

Mentors: Melanie Mitchell, Arseny Moskvichev, Maell Cullen


Anish's portrait

Anish Pandya

University of Texas, Austin (US)

Mentors: James Holehouse, Chris Kempes


Juniper's portrait

Juniper Rodriguez

Purdue University (US)

Mentor: Mirta Galesic

This program was supported in part by:

(1) The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) supplement to the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant "EAGER: Developing data and evaluation methods to assess the generality and robustness of AI systems for abstraction and analogy-making" (PI Melanie Mitchell; award 2139983)

(2) NSF grant "BIGDATA: Collaborative Research: Mining for Patterns in Graphs and High-Dimensional Data: Achieving the Limits" (PI Cristopher Moore; award 1838251)

(3) NSF grant "The Role of Individual and Social Networks in the Formation and Change of Beliefs" (PI Henrik Olsson; award 1918490)

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

(4) The Emergent Political Economies program as part of a grant from the Omidyar Network (PI David Krakauer).

(5) Additional support for the UCR program came from SFI's generous donors, including R. Martin Chavez, the Albuquerque Community Foundation: Kimmersteinling Fund, and Eugene & Jean Stark.