Nelson G. Hairston Collegiate Professor

I have devoted myself to asking fundamental questions in new ways and to devising and disseminating novel methods by which existing data can answer these questions. Most notably, our work has opened up new vistas in the ecology and evolution of infectious disease, but has had impacts on other areas of ecology and evolutionary biology as well.

In the King Lab, we use sophisticated mathematical, computational, and statistical tools to advance our theoretical understanding of ecological and evolutionary processes. We formalize scientific hypotheses as mathematical models to make precise predictions and powerful inference. One major focus of our research is the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. We formulate mathematical models and confront them with data to learn about the mechanisms that operate in the host-pathogen interaction and about how they are likely to evolve. Students and postdocs in the lab have a wide range of interests; the common thread is the use of rigorous theoretical approaches on fundamental questions in ecology and evolutionary biology.