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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

After the First Wave: A virtual workshop on the COVID-19 pandemic

Meeting Summary:  The first wave of Covid-19 is well under way, and social distancing will hopefully bend the curve downward (after far too high a price is paid). But what comes next? Under what circumstances and in what way can we lift quarantine? Five speakers from epidemiology and economics will discuss strategies for both public health and economic recovery. This is the first, we hope, of multiple “lightning workshops” that can be convened to address this crisis. 

The problems that we hope to address include, but are not limited to: What kind of widespread testing and identifying of recovered and immune people would make it possible to allow work, interaction, and travel? How can we respond quickly if and when a second wave starts to appear? What kind of models would help us steer this process? What parameters do we need to know and how can we best measure them? Are these models fragile or robust? What happens if we get our parameters wrong? How can we best use the already infected population? What can large-scale interventions accomplish? What are the economic costs of different interventions? And how can epidemiological strategies be coupled with strategies for economic recovery? 

Those unable to attend can follow the lecture from Twitter.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Michael Lachmann, Cris Moore, Sam Scarpino

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