Noyce Conference Room
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Mirta Galesic

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Abstract: I will describe a conceptual framework for studying collective adaptation, the dynamic interplay of collective belief systems and cognitive strategies, network structures, and problems that collectives face. Going beyond static portrayals of “intelligent” or “stupid” collectives, this framework stresses the importance of path dependence, satisficing, and collective myopia for understanding the sometimes counterintuitive outcomes of collective adaptation. This is important in our turbulent world in which collectives face diverse and rapidly changing challenges from pandemics to new technologies. After providing an overview of the relevant literatures in different disciplines, I will outline possible research directions within this framework and ask for your feedback.

Reference: Galesic, M., Barkoczi, D., Berdahl, A., Biro, D., Carbone, G., Giannoccaro, I., Goldstone, R., Gonzalez, C., Kandler, A., Kao, A., Kendal, R., Kline, M., Lee, E., Massari, G.F., Mesoudi, A., Olsson, H., Pescetelli, N., Sloman, S., Smaldino, P.E., Stein, D.L. (in press).  Beyond Collective Intelligence: Collective Adaptation. Journal of Royal Society Interface. 


Mirta GalesicMirta GalesicProfessor at the Santa Fe Institute
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Jen Dunne

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