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Marco Buongiorno Nardelli

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Abstract:  The abstraction of musical structures (notes, melodies, chords, harmonic or rhythmic progressions, etc.) as mathematical objects in a geometrical space is one of the great accomplishments of contemporary music theory. Building on this foundation, I explore the complexity of music through an art/science lens rooted in my extensive physics and music theory and composition background, with a focused attention to the hierarchies, and symbiosis, of the author-performer-audience paradigm. Through this lens I develop a platform to contemplate on the interactions and narratives that simultaneously represent and transcend our human experience. 
My work brings these two very different ecosystems of creation into one multifaceted organism, a network, which allows each of the aspects of my practices feed the other one in the most dynamic way possible. I forge new alliances between art forms and artists, between art and science and technology, between the authors who become their public and the public who becomes author, and thus generate a network of causality, randomness and interactions that transcends the materiality of the composition and encourage the emergence and sharing of universal human values.

I will discuss how I incorporate these ideas in my own compositions through audio and video examples, and provide a detail explanation of the esthetic process that leads from a mathematical framework to a performance piece.


Marco Buongiorno NardelliMarco Buongiorno NardelliExternal Professor
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