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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

In early 2022, several philanthropic agencies announced more than $40 million in grants to support the establishment of five multidisciplinary initiatives dedicated to work exploring a rethink of fundamental paradigms that underpin our understanding of political economies, including the relationships among markets, governments, and people. One of these was the $6.5M grant ON awarded to SFI, which include language giving SFI a leadership role in network and convening with the other funded centers. This network has grown exceedingly fast; by the end of the 2022 year, we expect a total of at least 14 political economy centers will have announced funding from Omidyar Network, Hewlett, Ford, Open Society Foundations, or Laudes Foundation. While each grant is funding highly valuable research in its own right, there could be additional advantages to the centers forming a broader network to share ideas, explore research collaborations, and engage a community of graduate students.

This summit is an opportunity for SFI to convene leaders from the other grants to share their center’s intellectual focus, discuss opportunities for inter-center collaboration, and to develop concrete future plans for moving forward in the years to come.

Supported by a grant from Omidyar Network.

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