Noyce Conference Room
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Gary Tomlinson

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Abstract: Should evolutionists attend to humanistic theories of signs? What value added can they bring to the project of evolutionary analysis? Surveying past efforts to construct a universal biosemiotics does not encourage a positive response to either question. Too often those efforts have been characterized by facile views of natural selection and its operation and by a blunt assimilation of signs, indexes, symbols, and the like to biological information in general. But today, in a new era of synthesis of evo-deo and niche constructive approaches, of post-adaptationist understandings of selection, and of radical processualism in evolutionary thought, the nature of signs and semiosis offers important leverage in differentiating animal solutions to the hard problem of life. This talk will explore the potential and consequence of the new evolutionary semiotics.



Gary TomlinsonGary TomlinsonSterling Professor of Music & the Humanities, Yale University
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David Krakaur

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