Kristi Castlin (left) racing against Cindy Billaud at the DecaNation meet in 2014. (Image: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, Wikipedia, Creative Commons)
Noyce Conference Room
  US Mountain Time

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

A workshop jointly organized by Red Bull and the Santa Fe Institute which will seek to understand the extremes of human performance in both individual and team-based activities, from athleticism to intellectual problem solving. Participants representing all sides of this topic—from extreme athletes and psychologists to neurologists and physiologists—will gather in the high desert setting of the Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Limits to Human Performance workshop is co-funded by Red Bull's High Performance Division and SFI's Miller Omega Program.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
David Krakauer

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