LT COL Neal Schneider (2007), "Follow the Light," via Wikimedia Commons
Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time
Stefani Crabtree, Jan Eissfeldt, Ross Hammond, and Thalia Wheatley

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

In the digital era, we often overlook the long-term consequences of our actions in online spaces, which might lead to irreversible damage similar to the climate crisis in physical environment. Despite this fact, many regard online spaces as transient, their impact on the digital ecosystem endures as users migrate, and cultural legacies persist in memes, regulations, maxims, and wikis. Our seemingly innocuous online actions at the time may already be causing harm that future generations —and even future ourselves— will inherit, much like burning fossil fuels.

Following up on issues raised at the last collective adaptation workshop, this seminar delves into possible long-term threats in digital ecosystem from perspectives such as information flow, socio-cognition, and real-world case studies along with the theoretical frameworks. Furthermore, we will explore the roles of platform users and moderators in mitigating this crisis before it’s too late and preserving the cultural and cognitive aspects of online spaces. This seminar invites participants to explore the complexities of our digital ecosystem, encouraging proactive measures to preserve a sustainable digital future.

CounterBalance is organized by the Santa Fe Institute and co-hosted by Siegel Family Endowment.


Stefani CrabtreeStefani CrabtreeAssistant Professor of Social-Environmental Modeling at Utah State University & External Professor at SFI
Jan EissfeldtJan EissfeldtGlobal Head, Trust & Safety at Wikimedia Foundation
Ross HammondRoss HammondExternal Professor SFI - Betty Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Public Health at Washington University in St Louis
Thalia WheatleyThalia WheatleyExternal Professor SFI - Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College


Seungwoong HaSeungwoong HaApplied Complexity Fellow Santa Fe Institute - Siegel Research Fellow

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