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SFI's InterPlanetary Festival was counting down for its reentry into Santa Fe, NM for the third time, only this time it was to comprise eight straight weekends of programming! Each year InterPlanetary convenes all manner of scientists, sci-fi authors, artists, filmmakers, investors, engineers and mavericks to create an engaging and out-of-this-world lineup of panel discussions, film screenings, keynote lectures, book signings, multi-media art performances, and live podcast recordings –– all revolving around the fundamental systems underlying, governing and resulting from our existence as a species on Earth, and beyond. 

With this newly expanded format, the third annual InterPlanetary Festival would have taken a deeper dive into eight Planetary Life Support Systems:

  • Week One (July 2nd to 4th) — Emergent Engineering
  • Week Two (July 9th to 11th) — Astrobiology and Life Detection
  • Week Three (July 16th to 18th) — Motion and Energy Technology
  • Week Four (July 23rd to 25th) — Architecture, Cities and Scale
  • Week Five (July 30th to August 1st) — Autonomous Ecosystems
  • Week Six (August 6th to 8th) — Time Design
  • Week Seven (August 13th to 15th) — Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Design
  • Week Eight (August 20th to 22nd) — Planetary Policy, Law and Regulation

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SFI Host: 
David Krakauer, Caitlin McShea, Kayla Savard

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