Applied Projects Seminar
  US Mountain Time
Morteza Dehghani, Neil Johnson, Rhys Leahy, & Nicolás Velasquez Hernandez

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

CounterBalance is the Santa Fe Institute's new applied seminar series on cyberhate, misinformation, social polarization, and counterspeech.

The intention of these meetings is two-fold. First, these seminars will provide a clearinghouse for practitioners, policy makers, and scholarly researchers to share and discuss new insights from these interdependent areas. Second, these seminars will provide an opportunity to contextualize these new insights within a broader understanding of dynamic complex adaptive systems. 

These 90-minute seminars will take place virtually and will usually be on the last Wednesday of the month.

Each session will include two 15-minute presentations on recent academic work in the field, practitioner perspectives, and time for discussion among attendees.

This CounterBalance Seminar on October 28th explores Hate and Extremism Online. The featured presentations will be "Bound in Hatred: The Role of Group-Based Mortality in Acts of Hate" by Morteza Dehghani and "Networks of Hate and Misinformation," by Neil Johnson, Rhys Leahy, and Nicolás Velasquez.


Participation in Applied Project Seminars is by invitation only, and is restricted to relevant researchers, leaders, and Applied Project sponsors. For more information about this series, please contact counter@santafe.edu.

SFI Host: 
Mirta Galesic and Joshua Garland

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