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This event is by invitation only.

Location: Inn at Loretto, Santa Fe, NM

Our 2018 ACtioN symposium will focus on Invention and Innovation. Although we are still working on this meeting's exact positioning, abstract, and speaker list, the content will draw heavily on SFI's Invention and Innovation research theme (details here). This meeting has also been influenced by our recent ACtioN meeting on the Complexity of the Patent System (videos here).

An updated meeting description is forthcoming. In the interim, a recent issue of the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B provides some insights into the "SFI-Complexity View" of Invention and Innovation. This special Innovation-themed issue of the journal featured seven articles that were either authored or co-authored by SFI faculty or postdocs. An overview can be found here, and the issue itself can be found here.

Registration is open to SFI Applied Complexity Network members and invited guests only. Please contact for registration information or to learn how to become a Santa Fe Institute Applied Complexity Network member.