Scientific American: New Approach Could Boost the Search for Life in Otherworldly Oceans

Featuring research by SFI Professor Chris Kempes, SFI Science Board member Simon Levin, and their collaborators.

Quanta: The Computer Scientist Training AI to Think With Analogies

Profiling Melanie Mitchell, SFI Davis Professor of Complexity.

Recode Daily podcast: How social media threatens humanity

Interviewing SFI Professor Mirta Galesic, about research co-authored with SFI Omidyar Fellow and Baird Scholar, Albert Kao.

Nature: Why England's COVID 'freedom day' alarms researchers

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Aeon: A good scrap

Highlighting research by SFI External Professor James Evans and his collaborators.

MarketWatch/Project Syndicate: Opinion: If you want to fix climate change, you need to fix this flaw in conventional economic thought

Highlighting work by the late SFI co-founder Kenneth Arrow.

Axios: How fireflies coordinate their flashes

Featuring research by SFI External Professor Orit Peleg.

Big Think: Could a pill that lowers our body temperature make us live longer?

Featuring research by Geoffrey West, SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor and Past President.

CNBC: Health experts are anxious to prevent a ‘catastrophic’ winter flu season

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancle Meyers.

The New York Times: How Swarms of Fireflies Synch Their Flashes

Featuring research by SFI External Professor Orit Peleg.

The New York Times: Is Biden Declaring ‘Independence From the Virus’ Too Soon?

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Nature: The powers and perils of using digital data to understand human behaviour

Featuring research by SFI Professor Mirta Galesic, SFI Program Postdoctoral Fellows Jonas Dalege and Tamara van der Does, SFI External Professors Henrik Olsson and Daniel Stein, and their collaborators.

San Diego Reader: San Diego stupid

Citing a definition by SFI President David Krakauer.

La Vanguardia: “El ser humano se esfuerza más si lo aprecias que si lo vigilas”

Profiling SFI Professor Sam Bowles.


With a contribution from SFI's Complexity Podcast Host Michael Garfield.

Le Monde: Une loi universelle régit la fréquentation des villes

Featuring research led by former SFI Complexity postdoctoral Fellow Markus Schläpfer, SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor Geoffrey West, and their colleagues.

MSN/Deseret News: Opinion: Should we pay people to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Featuring research by SFI Professor Sam Bowles.

The New Yorker: My Father's Theorem

Written by SFI External Professor Dan Rockmore.

The Washington Post: Why be a square? Yurts offer vacationers adventure-in-the-round.

Quoting SFI External Faculty Fellow Paula Sabloff.

The New York Times: Could the U.S. Have Saved More Lives? 5 Alternate Scenarios for the Vaccine Rollout

Citing research by SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers and her team, including SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.