Der Spiegel: Das Universalgesetz der Straße

Featuring research by Markus Schläpfer, a former postdoctoral fellow at SFI, SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor Geoffrey West, and their colleagues.

Nature: Trip frequency is key ingredient in new law of human travel

Featuring new research by former SFI Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow Markus Schläpfer, SFI Distinguished Shannan Professor Geoffrey West, and their colleagues.

Science: Biden’s pick to lead Department of Energy science signals focus on climate and diversity

Mentioning SFI External Professor John Harte.

The Albuquerque Journal: Building a ‘hydrogen hub’ in San Juan County

Quoting SFI Professor Cristopher Moore.

WBUR: Scientists Say It's Time For America To End Fixation On Herd Immunity

Interviewing SFI External Professors Lauren Ancel Meyers and Sam Scarpino.

The Boston Globe: As CDC recommendations change, indoor mask wearing in Boston still mostly automatic

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

Forbes: Will Schools’ Requirement That Students Be Fully Vaccinated Against Covid Further Oppress Marginalized Students?

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

Axios: Misinformation is just one part of a vaccine trust problem

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

El Pais: Four mathematicians demonstrate it is impossible to predict where 29,000 rubber ducks in the sea will wash up

Citing SFI Professor Cristopher Moore.

New York Times: Coronavirus Briefing

Quoting SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers

Santa Fe Reporter: SFCC eliminates solar and other programs

Citing the Santa Fe Institute workshop report on The Energy Transition in New Mexico.

Discourse Magazine: The China Challenge: Enjoying Key Advantages, the Mainland May Soon Overtake the U.S.

Citing research co-authored by SFI Professor Sam Bowles.

Inc.: Having Friends of Different Ages Makes You Smarter, More Resilient, and More Open Minded

Quoting SFI External Professor Mahzarin Banaji.

Project Syndicate: Beware Economists Bearing Policy Paradigms

Citing SFI Professor Sam Bowles, External Professor Wendy Carlin, and the CORE econ project.

Physics World: Physicists calculate when your elevator will arrive

Featuring research by SFI Complexity Undergraduate Researcher Zhijie Feng and SFI Professor Sid Redner.

Outside: 6 Principles for Navigating Challenges in Life

Citing SFI Miller Scholar Laurence Gonzales.

Singularity Hub: AI Is Harder Than We Think: 4 Key Fallacies in AI Research

Featuring preliminary research by Melanie Mitchell, SFI Davis Professor of Complexity.

Scientific American: Reckless Rush to Reopen Threatens Chile’s Exemplary Vaccination Strategy

Citing new research co-authored by SFI External Professor Pablo Marquet and former SFI Omidyar Fellow Caroline Buckee.

Science: Ancient Australian 'superhighways' suggested by massive supercomputing study

Featuring new research led by SFI Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow Stefani Crabtree.

Futurism: Professor Warns of “Nightmare” Bots That Prey on Vulnerable People

Interviewing SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo.