Inc.: Getting Beyond the Minimum Wage Debate

Quoting SFI External Professor Suresh Naidu.

USA Today: GameStop frenzy showed a fresh contempt for hedge funds. Why do Americans hate them?

Quoting SFI External Professor Andrew Lo.

Business Insider: Stanford economist says the US needs a 'New New Deal'. Here's his plan for getting people back to work and spending on business.

Featuring SFI External Professor Matthew Jackson.

McGill building21: Radical Futures podcast: Meet David Krakauer

Featuring a presentation by David Krakauer, SFI President and William H. Miller Professor of Complex Systems.

National Review: The Subtle Wisdom of Tesla's Bitcoin Purchases

Citing work by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur.

Science News for Students: How to fight online hate before it leads to violence

Featuring research by SFI Professor Mirta Galesic, Applied Complexity Fellow Joshua Garland, and their colleagues Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi and Jean-Gabriel Young.

Outliers with Daniel Scrivner: Laurence Gonzales: The Chemistry of Fire

Interviewing SFI Miller Scholar alum Laurence Gonzales on the subject of his new book, The Chemistry of Fire.

Los Angeles Times: Teachers face pressure to return even before COVID-19 vaccinations completed

Quoting SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.

Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus today: The school re-opening battle

Quoting SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.

The Munk Debates Podcast: The quest for true AI is one of the greatest existential risks of our time

Debated by Melanie Mitchell, SFI Davis Professor of Complexity.

The Economic Times: Michael Mauboussin has a prescription for Reddit rally and an answer for why value investing is not working

Featuring Michael Mauboussin, SFI's Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Santa Fe Reporter: Morning Word: Exploring the science of violence

Highlighting SFI and CIR's "Science of violence" online panel discussion with SFI President David Krakauer, SFI Program Postdoctoral Fellow Eddie Lee, and moderator Rachel Kleinfeld.

CNN: Transmission of Coronavirus in schools can be limited if kids mask up, study suggests

Citing research co-authored by SFI Professor Michael Lachmann.

Bloomberg: How the QAnon Conspiracy Seduces Normal People

Interviewing SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo.

Follow the Science with Faye Flam: Dissecting QAnon

Podcast interviewing SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo.

Astrobiology Magazine: NASA's Dragonfly Mission Will Seek Clues About Titan's Habitability

Quoting SFI Program Postdoctoral Fellow Natalie Grefenstette.

The New York Times: Electric Cars Are Coming, and Fast. Is the Nation's Grid Up to It?

Citing research by SFI External Professor Jessika Trancik.

Quanta: The Hard Lessons of Modeling the Coronavirus Pandemic

With SFI Science Board Fellow Nigel Goldenfeld, former SFI Omidyar Fellow Daniel Larremore, and SFI External Professors Sam Scarpino and Lauren Ancel Meyers.

The New Yorker: Adam Curtis explains it all

Citing SFI co-founder and Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann.

Radio NZ: Why we need sleep

Interviewing SFI External Professor Van Savage of UCLA.