The Scotsman: Book review: Stella Maris, by Cormac McCarthy

Highlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy; also references the Santa Fe Institute.

Business Insider: Wall Street Is Now in the Driver's Seat With Big Tech

Referencing SFI Trustee Bill Gurley.

The Economist: Cormac McCarthy returns with two new novels

Highlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy; also references the Santa Fe Institute.

Princeton Physics Newsroom: A new experiment pushes the boundaries of our understanding of topological quantum matter

Referencing research of SFI co-founder Phil Anderson.

The New York Times: Opinion: The Red Wave Didn’t Just Vanish

Quoting SFI External Faculty Jenna Bednar.

The Past: Small is beautiful: exploring the drawbacks of megacities

Referencing research co-authored by SFI External Faculty Scott Ortman. Cormac McCarthy's new books excite San Antonio literary scene

Spotlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy, and referencing the Santa Fe Institute.

Quanta Magazine: How to Think About Relativity’s Concept of Space-Time

Authored by SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll.

The Atlantic: What Does Elon Musk’s Ownership Mean to Black Twitter?

Authored by SFI External Faculty C. Brandon Ogbunu. The return of Cormac McCarthy after sixteen years of silence

Highlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy; also references the Santa Fe Institute.

CNN: National Climate Assessment draft paints dire picture of America's future as climate crisis accelerates

Quoting SFI External Faculty Daniel Schrag.

NPR: Omicron variants BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 now dominant in U.S.

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

Princeton Research Newsroom: New collaboration to probe physical reality’s ‘glue’

Referencing SFI co-founder Murray Gell-Mann, and SFI Science Board Fellow David Gross.

The New York Times: Tech’s Talent Wars Have Come Back to Bite It

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

Texas State University Newsroom: Newly released Cormac McCarthy archives now open at Wittliff Collections

Spotlighting SFI Trustee Cormac McCarthy.

The Atlantic: Are We in for an Omicron Encore This Winter?

Quoting SFI Science Board Member and External Faculty Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Talkboctopus Seminar Series: S4 Episode 1: Dani Bassett (YouTube)

Highlighting SFI External Faculty Dani Bassett.

MobiHealthNews: MindMaze, Mount Sinai partner on digital neurotherapeutic program

Quoting SFI External Faculty John Krakauer.

The Scientist Magazine: Famed Neuroscientist Charles Stevens Dies at 88

Highlighting SFI Science Board Member and External Faculty Chuck Stevens.

Boise State Public Radio: Colorado researchers peek inside honeybee swarms to improve building materials

Quoting SFI External Faculty Orit Peleg.